DSM Muse : Clio


Bam!! I love these muses. They are fantastic. Except for their tiny little baby eyes that are REALLY hard to paint.

I decided that this girl was gonna go serve someone, and be nice about it, but then they got her dress dirty, and the game was on. I worked a lot last week, and then we spent yesterday at the beach, and today nursing a sunburn while playing D&D. I have to work all next week too, so the minis I get done are few and far between. But I’m determined to keep it up!

I did not finish her hair, and I should have. Feel free to tell me how her hair is not as good as the other girl’s flowing hair. I need some proper guilt so that I don’t feel like it’s okay to half-ass these guys. 😉IMG_0467 IMG_0465IMG_0464

Anyways, I think that’s it for the night. I’ll try to work on some more stuff and upload a WIP at some point this week. Go give Reaper your money! Only 5 days left!!

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