Reaper Bones KS3!!

Guys, this is ridiculous. For $100 you can get 107 minis (and counting), 2 weapon sprues, and 50 of 2 different size bases. It is an amazing, ridiculous, fantastic deal. For an additional $50, you can get 25 (and counting) larger, more impressive minis. Then there’s really cheap dragons and amazingly sculpted GIANT HOWITZERS, and all kinds of other stuff!! Go pledge NOW.

Seriously though, I have bones 1 and 2, and I love them. They are the best. And the kickstarters make it easy to try new techniques for larger minis because I don’t mind ‘messing up’ a $2 mini. And at KS prices, it’s a <$1 mini. A lot of times, I pick a bunch of minis to work on one thing, say cloaks. I’ll grab 5 minis with a cloak, and try out different techniques before I work on a mini I actually care about. Then I have a couple of tabletop minis done, and a nice one that doesn’t have 616 coats of paint on it.

They are so, so nice for D&D as well. I don’t worry about the guys manhandling my minis or dropping them, because they bounce. They hold their paint surprisingly well too. I have bent and dropped and done all kinds of horrible things to these guys and haven’t seen any wear yet. With a lot of our pewter minis, there are several places they’ll have paint worn or chipped off. How many of us have cursed and tried to pin back a sword blade that broke off a hilt on our new ranger because it’s pewter? I know I have.

Seriously though. Reaper is an amazing company with unrivaled customer service. They write notes on my invoices to say hi for goodness’ sake. I had a Skadi mini that was cracked, they sent me a new one. No questions asked, they just took care of the problem. They are a good company, they are good people, and I like giving them my money. And I think you should too. 8 days left to pledge, we still have yet to see the giant worm, the graveyard, or Tianot (Ma’aldrakar will never be his true name), so there’s plenty of stuff left to see.

I can’t wait.


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