BONES 3!!!!!

Hey guys!!!!!


Seriously. There’s a Tianot. And I NEED HIM.

I’m all in on this one. Because bones brought me back to painting…

***Flashback sequence***

About 9 years ago, my husband and I had just started dating, and he had a comic book store. My first miniature was a Satyxis raider captain painted with all GW paints that I borrowed. I painted it because we were having an all-night Friday Night Magic tournament and I was bored to tears. (MTG is not my game. D&D is my game) After that I painted up several different armies for warmachine (Cryx) and warhammer 40k and fantasy (space wolves, space marines, orks, necrons, skaven, high elves, and dark eldar). I painted the occasional mini for D&D, but not much. After we stopped playing warhammer a lot, I really stopped painting. We packed it all up in the garage about 2011. That is, until I saw a vampire box on amazon.

I found it by accident. Just happened upon it last September on Amazon. I saw a white box that said Vampire Level, and clicked on it. The hubs and I had been complaining that we didn’t have a lot of the minis we’d like for D&D and were lamenting the lack of LE minis available from Reaper. We decided to give it a go and see if I could still paint at all. After we got them in and I painted about half of them, I joined the Reaper forums and found out about the second Kickstarter. I had already missed the date, but the pledge manager was still open, and I was able to pledge for the minis at the increased price. I didn’t care, I was going to get a gelatinous cube and all kinds of cool stuff!!! I kept painting up the first KS while I waited (cough)patiently (cough) for the other one to show up. Then I decided I would drive up to get them since they’re only a couple hours from me. My oldest friend and I took a road trip up there in February to get them, and had a BLAST doing it.

The only reason I am painting now is because I picked up that Vampire box that I happened to see on Amazon. For that reason, I will back every single KS that Reaper does. They have amazing customer service, and are wonderful people in person as well. I would encourage everyone to go check out their website and see if there’s something there for you. If you love it, I’ll even paint it for you. 😉


4 thoughts on “BONES 3!!!!!

  1. I liked the story… I first tried mini painting when my (then boyfriend, now husband) was showing me his 40k army & I expressed an interest in painting… I started with his demon prince. I really enjoyed the painting but sci-fi is not my genre & wasnt interested in painting his army (much to his disappointment). So I started looking up companies that sell individual miniatures. I found Reaper & loved their stuff – I bought a few metal miniatures to try but found myself getting very frustrated with chipping paint & how fragile they were. I gave up on painting until I heard about Bone 1 half way through & decided to back it. I havent looked back, I dont paint as regular as I like but I am definitely addicted to the hobby – and its all because of Reaper bones. So I will keep backing their Bones line.

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      1. My hubby & I were recently talking about that – they may be slightly softer when it comes to detail than Reapers metal – but the pros so out way this small con. I especially love that I can trust my lovingly painted models to not so caring players when it comes to playing Pathfinder/D&D

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      2. Exactly. Clearing the table after d&d is much less stressful when I have them vs. pewter. We still have quite a few in pewter, and its funny because I forget how fragile they are until I grab them with my bones! 🙂

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