Hoard of the Dragon queen

So, we’re planning on playing this module in the next 3-6 months, and I wanted to get ready for it. We really wanted to do it up right, and get the minis we needed to fairly accurately represent everything. So, this is the stack if minis we have that I am painting,  and the minis we ordered…


06198: Reptus Raptors (8) x1
06175: Darkthrall Cultists (9)  x1
77010: Kobolds (6) x2
02427: Blood Imps x2
06141: Khamsin Herdsmen(9) Nefsokar Grunt x1
06140: Khamsin Dervish(9) Nefsokar Adept  x1
09108: Brush-on Primer x2
77025: Giant Spider x2
… We don’t have a problem!
This is all on time for the painting challenge I’m going to start on the 1st, so that works out perfectly! So, once I get these and the darksword minis I ordered,  I’ll be on a spending hold until bones 3.
I can’t wait to knock these out and show them off!


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