Bombshell Babes and Mountains

So, I got a bombshell babe from the melt table at Reapercon, and I decided to paint her up yesterday! She looked like a lot of fun to paint, and I want to work on blending anyways. She’s not the best job I’ve ever done, but I think I’m making progress. Once I was done painting her, I realized she needed something to be hitting with the shovel! So I dug through my familiar bag looking for something suitable. She’s billed as a zombie hunter, but I wasn’t in the mood to paint a zombie. So I found a little snake! Then it just got funnier. 🙂

post-13797-0-53743400-1432692035_thumb post-13797-0-56650900-1432692029_thumbShe’s leaning a little more than I would necessarily like, but she was so bent from the melt table that I had to pin her foot back onto her ankle, and that was the way she wanted to be.

After perusing some stuff on all the different forums and facebook pages I frequent, I found this pretty cool challenge!

I can’t wait to start it! I think it will be good for me.. Now I’m just on the lookout for my reaper giftcard so I can make an order before it starts!!! 😉

Also, I’m considering backing this kickstarter… It’s got a lot of cool art and fun minis, and with just the stretch goals that are unlocked currently (it has like 53 days left) I would end up with around 40 minis for the $100. Not a bad deal for sure.

If anyone has tried some of their minis/game and has an opinion, I would love to hear it! Thanks to all the new followers from the challenge! I had to get a new RSS feed reader to follow all the blogs I didn’t know existed! I can’t wait to see all kinds of new, fun stuff!


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