Today was a long day. I started the day off getting ready to go to a really cool class, and then promptly broke the key to the Jeep in the ignition. By starting it. :S Apparently y’all can all call me the Hulk from now on…

So then we went to get the key taken out of the ignition and a new key made. Of course that took most of the day. So we went to some really cool graveyards to get some pictures.

Next year’s Reapercon theme is horror, so I figured I’d get started now getting some inspiration for a diorama/minis to fit the theme. There’s some old graveyards around us, so I plan to take a bunch more pictures soon, but these are the best ones I found today.

5-13 0955-13 0025-13 0075-13 0335-13 0965-13 018

I’ll probably go take some more tomorrow since I have the day off again. 🙂

Then I painted this girl as a quick tabletop mini. She was fun, I love characters with big sculpted eyes, makes my job a lot easier!5-13-2 004 5-13-2 005 5-13-2 006 5-13-2 003

I finished this girl up the other day. She was our group paint for the box o’ goodwill. When I got her out to start painting on her, the Hubs saw her and loved her. He started planning to use her as the Sheriff for the Fallout game we’re playing, and I had to break the news to him that she wasn’t mine. Sad face. So I started looking around, and I couldn’t figure out where she came from! I emailed Froggy to find out, and he didn’t know either. He told me that as long as I finished her and sent him pictures, we could keep her! So I did! I love the Texas Ranger/ County Fair look she ended up having.
5-12 008 5-12 012 5-12 011 5-12 010 5-12 009More tomorrow!!


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