Pathfinder Sea Dragon WIP 3 and Completion!!!

Alrighty, I worked on this guy and got him submitted for the Monday Miniature!

He was a lot of work, but I think he turned out amazing, and the hubs is more than happy. I haven’t finished the base yet, because I’m tired and I didn’t wanna.



Dryfitting the wings with some updated highlights. Dreading more scales. 🙂

20150510_173409 20150510_192819

Then I decided to try some ‘drip washing’ ( I just made that up) for the wings. I alternated putting clear magenta and clear purple on the wings, letting it drip down, and then dropping water on it so it would rinse it off some. It made a cool tie-dye effect.20150510_190603 20150510_181018

Wings back off, touching things up.


Dry fit again, testing colors and making sure that the colors work together and the blending matches.


Apparently the pictures uploaded out of order…. I just realized I’m too lazy to put them back in order. Sorry, bro.20150510_190604 20150510_181014 20150510_190558 20150510_173403 20150510_190557 20150510_192812

Did you know there are 5 stages of green stuff grieving? Cause there totally are…



Denial. Maybe that gap isn’t THAT big… Right?




Anger. I hate you greenstuff!! Don’t mock me with your sarcastic face!


Acceptance. I am not going to use it. I am going to cut the tabs shorter, and shove them in there until they fit without a gap. Not today, greenstuff…. not today.


Anyways, he got all done, and I took beautiful pictures of him in my beautiful new lightbox that I built with my beautiful new Hangar 18 backdrops with my amazing new camera. 😀

20150509_093306Yay! it’s not pretty, but it gets the job done!

Alright, here’s the dragon!!!! Check out all his majesty!!!

5-10-15 020 5-10-15 021 5-10-15 022

(yes, the back of the wings suck. That is my next goal…)
5-10-15 023 5-10-15 024 5-10-15 025 5-10-15 017 5-10-15 018 5-10-15 019He has cool eyes too!!!

I love him!!

Hope you enjoyed it!


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