I’ve been working days!!! Waking up at 0430 is no joke, guys!!!

Anyways, I haven’t had a lot of motivation lately. I’m not sure if it’s the diorama bringing me down, or if I’m having my usual trouble. Here is one of my Main Problems In Life: I am a procrastinator. So, I start on things really early (like a Reapercon project in January) and then I stall out somewhere along the way, and end up finishing it the week before it’s ‘due’. I need the time crunch motivation to make things really, really good. So, that’s the rut I’m stuck in.

Also, I am considering doing some painting to sell on ebay. There are several people that i have been watching do it, and they seem to be making a moderate amount of money. So I signed up for the class at reapercon about commission/ebay painting so I can see what all I need to do. When I started googling it, I was on the UPS, IRS, and all other TLA (three letter acronym) websites. I got kind of bogged down, and made it more complicated than it probably is. Anyways, I’m sure it will be clear as mud until then. 🙂

I have another couple of days off during the week, so I’m gonna get something done. Whether it’s pathfinder, or diorama, or something, I will complete things!!!


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