Guys! I figured something out!!!

I have been stalled on one of my reapercon dioramas because I wasn’t sure how to do the base… It is supposed to be set in an active dwarven stronghold, and Skadi (their goddess)  is supposed to be helping to hold ground against some giant invaders.  So,  I started in the minis and then spent a total of at least 20 hours trying to figure out how to scratch build stairs and a dais worthy of dwarven stone craft. Almost all,  I might add, were total failures. Add to that the fact that I wanted a marble-like flooring, and I was about to throw in the towel. I just started painting other things and pretending this would fix itself. But it did!! I’m going to use thin “lick and stick”  tile!!! It’s marble patterned,  and I can cut it to cover the stairs I made out of foam! I am so excited!

I’m gonna go work on that now… So pics soon!


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