WIP Chimera and Reapercon Readiness

Hi guys!!

Today I did a few things, didn’t get my giants or dwarves or DSM guys done.. but I did some other stuff, and it turned out well!

I made a holder for my little bottle opener thing. I have a needle with greenstuff attached at the end to unclog bottles, but that means I stab myself frequently. So I made a cute little piece of ‘terrain’ that I can stab it into, that way I don’t hurt myself! I think it turned out alright!.


Then I worked on some slimes. I have loved the gelatinous cube since I saw it, and haven’t been able to decide what to do with it. Today I decided to go ahead and paint the other two, one as a green slime, and one as an ochre jelly at the Hub’s request. I couldn’t make myself paint the cube tho!!! I did get it glued together after a little boiling and ‘clamping’ (with a hairtie).

PhotoGrid_1426397182128They look like jello!!! I love the translucents!

I started a new mini today for the single entry at Reapercon. It’s the amazing, beautiful chimera! I decided to go with a green dragon, lion, and skeletal goat. The casting on the goat’s face was just not quite right, which made it a perfect candidate for skeleton-hood. I’m not sure that the effect came across, so I’m going to have to tweak it a bit as I go along. Also, the lion doesn’t have his finished coat yet, I plan on making his mane nice and dark, and really working up the contrast. The wings are currently painted green like the dragon, but I don’t like it.. After conferring with the Hubs, I think I’m going to go with blue wings. And the tail will be a black scorpion tail with a red stinger. That way I’ve got about every color on this guy. 🙂 I think he’ll be cool.


PhotoGrid_1426397068031 PhotoGrid_1426397089612


So, there he is, in all his “WIP” glory! Enjoy! Back to work tomorrow for me, so hoping that goes well!


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