Owie. :-(

While I was painting my dryad last night,  minding my own business,  I stumbled across the James Wappel YouTube channel. Now,  James is the painter I want to be when I grow up, so I started binge watching. And then he started working on baked sculpey for bases. And I thought,  I have baked sculpey  sheets! I should stop what I’m doing right now and do this! So I did! And I carved these awesome cobblestones,  and made a huge mess and had a blast!! But my finger started hurting from punishing my dental tools (because I don’t have woodworking tools like he does) and I woke up this morning with an awesome blister on my finger. Which I then felt the need to pop.

I am a licensed,  educated, experienced medical professional,  and I popped a blister on my finger… *sigh*. Guess I’m still dumb. 🙂

Anyways, I’ll post pictures later. I thought up another awesome diorama idea and I’m about 80% done with it!


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