Day 4 of being off!!

I guess technically 5 since it is 0200. Whatever.

So, I started on my tentative diorama plan. Should turn out to be suitably epic. I was working on scratchbuilding stairs, and that failed miserably… so I tried again! Success! Mostly!

They’re not beautiful, but they’re definitely stairs that lead up to a dais, and I’m not putting up pictures until it’s painted. It should be awesome.

In preparation for that, I got started on my hill giants and let me tell you, they are GIANT. And it is a LOT of skin to paint and glaze and glaze and glaze… You get the point. I decided to call it a night tonight, but I will work on them more tomorrow. Going to attempt to get them done tomorrow and started on the dwarves. Should be cool! So, here are some WIP pictures to show off before I go to bed. PhotoGrid_1424849847913[1] PhotoGrid_1424849875557[1] PhotoGrid_1424849897304[1] PhotoGrid_1424849934851[1] PhotoGrid_1424849966855[1] PhotoGrid_1424849999707[1]

Pretty cool, right?!


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