Large Earth Elemental

Hello all! I have 2 weeks off of work to paint!!!! I can’t wait to see what all I can get done!

I finished this large earth elemental for the Monday Miniature over at caffeineforge. It was my first attempt at OSL, so it’s not amazing, but I’m getting there. I got a couple comments on the moss effect I did here, so I thought I would add a quick note on how that is done. It’s so simple. You take the packing foam you get in certain mini packages (the really fine stuff, like from Dark Sword) and you put a blob of superglue where you want the moss. Then stick the foam on the glue, hold it down for a few seconds, and leave it alone. After the glue has plenty of time to dry, peel it off. You can adjust the ‘length’ of the moss by leaving a bigger section of foam, or do like I did, and tear it as close to the glue as you can. Then paint to your heart’s content!PhotoGrid_1424633976374

I decided to participate in the Spring Exchange on the Reaper Forums, and I finished the 3 minis I decided on. I’m going to wait to post them, but I painted a battle nun, a gunslinger, and the Ape-X.  I hope my partner likes them!!

Well, I have 3 minis on my desk to paint at the moment, so I will have more pictures and posts to come!!


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