Mushroom Kids

Hey y’all!

I’ve actually had a little more time lately! The Tiniest Overlord is now 2 months old, and has started consolidating naps! That means that he is sleeping for 1-3 hour 2-3 times during the day without being held! And the Tiny Overlord (who is much bigger now than when I started calling him that) is at a summer Pre-k program 3 days a week, so my last few weeks of maternity leave might actually be productive ones!

I am super excited to start a new job on the 25th with a really great system down here. I was very disappointed that my last job refused to allow me maternity leave, so I had to resign. But, that is a whole different rant, and I just don’t have the time or energy. I will be thankful that I finally got in with this system, and hopeful for new opportunities to learn a whole new specialty!

But you’re here for painting! And I do that!

These little guys are so adorable. My friend Christine Van Patten sculpted them, and they’re for sale on her etsy page, moonlight minis. She messaged me when she printed them that she was concerned they were ‘unusably small’, and that she was going to size them up considerably, but send me the tiny ones just for fun. Well, if you’ve been paying attention at all, I love painting super tiny things. So, challenge accepted. I think they turned out super cute, and I’m going to paint up the big ones for reapercon. 😀

Paint dropper for scale. 🙂 That’s a 25mm base and the regular chessex box that they’re in.

I’m planning on sending them back to Christine as a gift since it’s so funny that they turned out so well! She sculpted them based on her kids, so I hope they’ll love them too.

I have about 18 other things on my desk. I’ve been working on using practice minis and bases to work out some techniques and color schemes. That’s new for me, as I usually figure out my color scheme as I paint a mini. lol. I’ll have to get a picture of my notebook and practice minis when I finish some of the other things I have for reapercon. The current plan is to take the Tiny and Tiniest Overlords and just see what happens. lol. I am planning on entering as many categories as possible, as per usual.

Let me know what you think!!


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