I got some feesh printed from a friend of mine, and I love them so so much! They were a fun little speed paint, and I have like 25 more for anything else I can imagine!

The brush is for scale. They’re so perfect! Check out their Etsy page Dungeon Dendersons. They do painted minis and have all kinds of ideas for new stuff!

I’ve also been working on this months duo with my buddy Jeff. We decided to do reaper’s norkers. We couldn’t decide if we wanted to do orange or green goblins, so we decided to do both!

These are still wip shots, and I have 3 more norkers to paint up! I decided to go with a dog-style coloration. I love these little meanies so much! Every now and then, my background of painting and playing Orks for so many years comes back up. 😁😁 Love me some little green evil guys.

Hope y’all like everything! Let me know what you think!


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