Progress is progressing!

ETA: this post freaked out. So if you already read it, I’m kind of reposting it, but I don’t remember what all I put in it last time… Lol

Hey guys!

I got a chance to paint the other night! Trying to get my exchange pieces done. Good news is, it looks like no one else has shipped yet either… 🤣🤣

So, I got a few things done that weren’t painting, but are crafty!

I made this blanket for my friends new grandbaby.

I made lumpia and other yuumy foods since we started whole30.

I got some fun new shoes!

I started a new blanket for the Great Bearded One, since he liked the baby one so much.

I stained this awesome puzzle mg firmed bought for the Tiny Overlord. It was raw wood, so he was already destroying it. LolAnd I painted some things.

Hope this finds you well! Sorry for the repost, I’m obviously not smarter than the app. 🤣