Corvus Cabal!

Hello there!

I’ve been busy with school still (so close….), but I managed to get a few minutes to paint this week! The Great Bearded One went all-in on Warcry, so we have all of it. I mean all of it. A shameful amount of things for Warcry. all. of. it.

I didn’t even take a picture of the boxes. Seriously, what are we going to do with all this?!

Anyways, I started on the Corvus Cabal cause they looked like a lot of fun! And they are! This is probably about 2 hours of work, because my Tiny Overlord woke up, and by the time I got him back down I was tired too.

20190916_232417763719056442842930.jpgI started with my grey primer and rosy skin tones. Since I’m going for the coal black wings I wanted the warm skin tone for maximum contrast! I also did my basic base on all of these. Stirland mud, 2 coats of lighter dry brush. Done. 🙂


Got some contrast paints going on all the cloth pants, and my first coat of nightmare black on their wings. I’ll go up to some higher colors and end up using coal black too, but I think nightmare is darker. Also threw a coat or 2 of a bone color on their skulls. They’re pretty interestingly attached at some places, so that should be fun.


I’m always impressed with how much of a difference a wash of seraphim sepia makes. It is hands down my favorite additive. I use it on metal, leather, bone, anything I can find an excuse to. I probably use it on every single miniature I paint. I love it. It is my precious.

Changing tones completely.

I bought a resale shop bookshelf last week with the intention of sanding, staining, and installing it in our bedroom to match our current ‘farmhouse’ style furniture.

And I did it! It turned out so well! I am so excited!


Solid wood, honey oak 7ft tall bookshelf: $37. Already had the stain, sander, and sandpaper! 3 hours later (and then 24 to dry), and we have this!


Yay! We had to kind of triage our books (we have 6 more boxes left to unpack), but we put art books on the top, old favorites on the bottom, and 3 shelves of ‘need to read’ in the middle! I’m actually really excited about this, it gives us a system to kind of knock out new books! A few of them only one of us has read, and a few of them are on the, “I don’t even remember where I was in this book, I’m gonna have to start over again” list. But doing it this way reduces some clutter, and gives us a way to visualize that we DON’T NEED MORE BOOKS. ( But that probably won’t stop us.)

Last subject change, we had a hilarious Snow White moment this weekend when a baby squirrel adopted me.

20190921_1300446504820020435713332.jpgWe went to see a friend of mine, and this little guy just wouldn’t let me go. He climbed down a tree to get to me, and did it again 3 times when I tried to put him back. He is now safely with a squirrel rehab center where they will feed him and get him strong and let him go. When I took him there, she told me that starving baby squirrels will seek out help from humans. She also said that because of the recent storms/flooding we’ve had, there are a lot of displaced babies because they fall out of the nest and can’t get back! I was so glad that I took him to her, because he was definitely dehydrated and tired. So, yeah. It was funny, and I’m glad he will be safe!

That’s my excitement for now! Maybe tonight the Tiny Overlord will let me paint. We shall see. Let me know what you think!



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