Fourth result!

Hey! This is the fifth entry in a series about my resin pouring (mis) adventures. The above is my current attempt at some sort of vibration table.

these are my 4 attempts so far! One was purely proof-of-concept, the rest have been attempts towards my final (hopeful) design.

this latest one turned out with fewer big bubbles, but one corner is still being stubborn.

it’s also too dark. So 2 drops of both brown and green is too much.

big bubble on the top happened during the actual curing process, and I was too late to catch them.

I am attempting a several layer pour in this to see if it reduces the bubbles and everything. The most important part on this multi-pour seems to be color matching. We’ll see how it goes!

I poured a cylinder this time, we’ll see if hat works better than the cubes. So far it hasn’t completely set, which is different, as I was able to demould most of the cubes after only like 6 hours with no issues. I also poured the second layer of resin in my multi-pour set.

Hope this is still fun. I’m really having fun with this since I can kind of check a box. My final plan is to suspend an actual modified mini in the resin, so I need to get consistently good results before I’ll want to commit.


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