Halfling chef

I painted another thing!! That means it’s not a fluke, right?!

Hah. But yes, I managed to get another mini painted and I’m loving this deep ocean color…. It was already on the desk and I just went for it. I love this apron!!

I need to remember to take pictures and then do my final touchups from that. Because I didn’t see that I had hit his apron with my brown until I looked at these pictures. But oh well! I’ll touch it up later. Still haven’t unpacked my basing materials or tools, so just broccoli base and mold lines for now!

I hope y’all enjoy him! He looks like a chunky frodo to me… Hah!

Comments and criticisms always welcome!


2 thoughts on “Halfling chef

  1. Nice work, I especially like then shading on the apron. Reminds me of the halfling hot soup catapult for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, he would make a good master engineer assigned to it.


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