Speed paint challenge.

Alright. I have 4 days off, 2 of which I’m home by myself and can get a LOT of painting done. I have a goal. I want to get all


of these minis painted today.
I will attempt to update as I can… I’m thinking during breaks from painting I’ll update. So,  they all have some amount of paint in them, should be easy,  right?!
Hope y’all enjoy!


Update 1: 1200
Alright! Snack and update break! I started in the cultists and the acolytes. All skin is basecoated, did some work on the robes, girls have hair, and all belts are basecoated. Took me a little longer than normal because I started my timer at 1030, but didn’t actually put paint to mini until about 11ish. Had to grab drinks and get one more mini for the acolytes. I foresee faster progress now.
They’re kinda scary all coming at me like that! Like, “get her!!!”
Planning on getting back to it around 1230!


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