Take that miniature!

So, I’m working some more on my Stephanie law minis. This one was just not cooperating though! She has eyelids. Gaah! Eyelids! Anyways,  I got the dress mostly done, and moved onto the eyes. They did not want to be painted. So I made a plan.



I’m not gonna lie. I felt like the joker.


I Had to reprime her and basecoat her skin, so i used that time to brown liner the shell base. I’m thinking an orangey red for the base of the shell, and some fun doodleys. 😃

Anyways, I then worked on the eyes again


So, this is where I’m done with her for the night. I’m gonna work on her another day when my hand is steadier. Eyelids. Seriously.

Alright! Here’s hoping I get another night this week to paint!


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