Catch-up Post

Wow.. I’ve done a lot of stuff since my last post!! I finished up a troop, so I’ll do the WIP to get my joker for the 6mmrpc. (I think I might NEED the new darksword Tony DiTerlizzi KS…. not sure if it counts or not since I won’t get the minis for a long time.. but better safe than sorry!) We went to schlitterbahn, and I set up my new paint rack from TGJ!

So, let’s start with the paint rack. I got the basic rack and 2 wall racks at Reapercon. Due to some weather (read:flooding forever) it took a while for them to get here, but they got here nonetheless!


The wall racks work perfectly. They were easy to assemble, they fit together perfectly, and they hold my paint bottles where they are easily readable.20150607_143215 20150607_144643The basic rack gave me a bit more of a headache… First off, I feel like it was a little misleading to say it just snaps together and then you’re off… There was no way this was staying together without a significant amount of glue, and things to hold it in place while it dried. Also, you have to do one side, then the other so it will stay together. But, after that, it worked great. There was no way the top shelf was going to support my monitor by itself, so I found a handy little shipping roll that my hangar 18 backdrops came in, and hey presto! It worked! Overall, I’m very pleased with them. 🙂

Onto the WIP!

I have my wonderful guard and ambush drakes. We decided to go with one of each chromatic color and then 3 camo ones (ambush-y). It worked out great, I think!


Started with camouflage green, then added some olive drab and jungle moss.20150606_094320 20150606_091615

Then I had to do something to differentiate them on the game table. The worst thing ever is this conversation, “I hit the green one.” “Which green one?” “THAT green one. The one on the left.” “Which left?!” So yeah, I ended up with Stripe, Spot, and the Other One. (I am really bad at taking WIP pictures….)

IMG_0396 IMG_0395Then I started on the chromatic ones. We wanted red, blue, green, white, and black. So that’s what I did!

20150607_195338Aren’t they cute!? I just tried to get them to a tabletop quality since I have so much to paint for this module. I am planning on painting some stuff up to a ‘silver’ quality again here soon.. But I am kind of enjoying just pumping out minis right now.


And they’re done!! It’s like magic!! Check out all their majesty!

IMG_0408 IMG_0398 IMG_0399 IMG_0401 IMG_0402 IMG_0403 IMG_0404 IMG_0405 IMG_0406I just love them. I think they’re going to be so much fun!!

Hope y’all liked it! C&C always welcome!


4 thoughts on “Catch-up Post

  1. Great looking drakes. I think my favourites of them all are the three naturalistic ones (I know Chromatic is a big D&D thing, but still). Nice work on the paint racks, too. If you ever find you need more, try make-up suppliers and nail polish racks. That’s what I’ve got up in what was supposed to be my painting area. 🙂

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