Reapercon Diorama WIP3!

So close!!!

Alright guys.. I have one more day off (Thursday) before Reapercon… So these guys have to get done!!

I finished 3 of the 4 minis I needed to get done. I’m going to do some last minute touchups once I get them all on the model, but they are 99% done!!!


They’re a fearsome group, right?!! Got some individual shots too.

The fearless cleric.

20150421_220008 20150421_220004


The battle-hardened warrior.

20150421_215944 20150421_215931 20150421_215939

The other warrior, the one with less armor. 😉



I love them! I think they’re going to work out much better than my original plan.

Also, I bought some new daylight bulbs for my work lamps, and the difference is staggering. If you or someone you love isn’t using them, you should be. They have made a huge difference to the lighting on my desk, as well as my pictures, don’tcha think?!

We also finally got the bookcase mimics I ordered from a fellow forumite. I think they are simply fantastic! I ordered them for the Midget’s birthday, and he threw in a second one just because! I can’t wait to get to painting them! I just love them so much!20150421_220816


So, that’s my night. I have to finish painting Skadi, because I want her to be absolutely perfect. Then I just have to touch up anything left on the others that I see, and base them to the diorama. That’s why I didn’t finish the bases on the dwarves, they’re going to be cut off anyways.

Comments and criticisms are always welcome, especially since Reapercon is my first ever painting competition.



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