Work, bleh.

I know I always say I work a lot… but I do!!

Also, I am apparently bad at posting after Family ESO time. 🙂

Just complaining, but the setup I have now is primarily for painting. So to take pictures, I have to clear off my painting area ( an epic task itself), and then set up my picture-taking stuff. I used to have an actual lightbox, but due to a miscommunication between me and the Hubs, it ended up being almost as big as my desk… Not conducive to picture taking. So, my new plan is to buy a new lightbox/lamps/etc, and a nice backdrop from Hangar 18 at RCON, and then I will set them all up in a dedicated space. That way, I can take pictures, look at them, tweak my model as necessary, and re-take the pictures. Also, my backdrops won’t have creases from being folded when I put them away… The Hubs will be happy with no creases, I will be able to tweak models without taking my desk apart 3 times, and my picture quality will go up! yay!

In the goodies we got from the Reaper store, we bought 2 townsfolk sets, the Clergymen, and the Town Guards. I got started on both sets at the same time, they’re looking pretty good! I have some pictures on my phone.. will try to get a WIP up if I can’t get them done in the next few days. 🙂

Paint for me!!!


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