Today begins the last 3 days before I go back to work! I have to say, I haven’t gotten as much cabin fever as I would have thought. Now, I was pretty heavily medicated for a week of it, so that may have had an impact. 🙂

Next week’s Monday Miniature is this lovely lady, Mariel Twinspar. I actually enjoyed painting her more than I thought I would!

PhotoGrid_1426136373421 PhotoGrid_1426136349381 PhotoGrid_1426136395743

It is my plan to add something to the base.. I’ve gotten a lot of great suggestions from the forums, and I’m waffling right now between rope and a small treasure chest… I made some cool coins out of sequins and a hole puncher, then realized the scale was WAAY off. heh. Things we learn, right?!

Anyways, I also got THE MOST AMAZING caboodle-thing for Reapercon!! It has space to hold around 40 paints, 12 minis, my new (haven’t ordered it yet) battery-powered ottlite, and a notebook! It is also very cute.

Isn’t it the best?!! I love it. The only disappointing thing is that the paints have to be stored on their sides. It’s a fraction of an inch too short to stand them upright. But oh well. 🙂 I think being able to carry everything in one compartment, with a handle no less, is the best. The Hubs also bought me a new moleskine notebook to take notes in and write my wish-list in. So I’m almost all ready for reapercon!!! I have 5 lbs of melt, and I can’t wait!!!!

So, onto the painting for the day. Hopefully, I’ll have some noticeable progress on one of my dioramas today. I did finish varnishing the plinth for the dwarves vs. giants diorama. It looks beautiful.


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