Work, work, work!

I haven’t had any time to paint due to having to work for a living. I tried to win the $1835852248633  powerball, but no dice.

However, I did get a Spring Exchange partner from the Reaper forums!! So that’s exciting! My partner wants monstrous minis, and likes snow bases. So I am currently reading up on how to do snow bases! It’s a cool little technique that I haven’t tried yet, but sounds exciting! I love new basing techniques. So, after work tonight, I’m going to work on that for a bit.

Also, I’m working on OSL, and I posted to the aforementioned forum for help with getting better at this (my computer is in surgery, so my Jessica Rich dvds are out for the moment) and I came across this treasure trove of awesome!!! So, I’ll be working on those ASAP.

I have about 20 days off coming up.. Gotta burn some of the vacation I’ve been piling up, so I plan on getting a lot of paint on all these new minis!! Until then!


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