Road Trip!!!

So, I’ve been somewhat distracted by the excitement with Bones 2 fulfillment starting!!! I got the email on Sunday that my order was ready to pickup, but I COULDN’T GO YET!!! So tomorrow, one of my oldest friends and I are driving up to Denton, and then back again. Should be a great time. 😀 I’m so excited! I’ve rearranged my desk and everything in anticipation of all the goodies I’m getting! There will be 5 big dragons, a KRAKEN, and a lot of other great things! I’m gonna need every square inch to store it all!!

In the meantime, I’ve been painting and cleaning. Our fridge decided to die, so I have it rigged with a case of Dr. Pepper to keep it closed at this time… Gotta get that replaced, so it’s been distracting as well.

Also, my computer finally died. I restored it 3 times in the last week, then reformatted it, then took it all apart and cleaned it, all to no avail. Guess when it rains it pours.

Oh well! Here’s some links to the last things I’ve painted recently. I had a great time with the ettin, the elf, and especially my little leprechaun!!

Go check them out!! Should have some exciting pictures of tomorrow here soon. Can’t wait to feel that open air, and NEW BONES IN MY HANDS!!


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