Painting Skin!

So, I have decided what my project for Reapercon and the Forum painting contest will be, and I’m working on getting better at painting skintones because I decided to paint a bunch of chicks. 🙂 I posted a picture to the “Works in Progress” forum and got some AMAZING tips! So, now that I have practically a primer on painting skin, I’ve been practicing. 20150124_010944[1] 20150126_144326[1]

So, these are my 2 attempts so far. I’m only working on skin right now, so I know these guys aren’t done. The biggest advice I got was to try out some barbarians with a lot of available skin, hence the big guy. 🙂

PhotoGrid_1422241734992[1] PhotoGrid_1422241696872[1] PhotoGrid_1422241642831[1]These guys are the Monday Miniature this week! I painted the brown one last year sometime, and the blue one yesterday. 🙂 I wanted the blue one to be kind of the ‘fop’ brother. I was going for a brocade effect on his coat. I thought it turned out alright for a first attempt.

Well, I’m gonna get some more stuff done, and try to complete something!!


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