This is the third time that I’ve had a post just disappear after writing it up on the mobile app, saving it, and trying to post it from the desktop app… Guess I’ve learned my lesson.

Sorry about that.

Anyways, I just finished my semester of school, so I’m free for about 10 days. I wanted to post a few of the crafty things I’ve been doing in the meantime.

I made this blanket….

And a bunch of cups!

Then I made some Texas Rangers gear for opening day. One of our buddies is a die-hard Rangers fan, so we humor him with the gear. We have no opinion whatsoever in sportsball. 🙂

I made a bunch of easter baskets for the little girls we hang out with. Hopefully we’ll have another baby date soon and we can take pictures with the bunny ears. Then we can compare them to last year when they were super tiny babies!!20190324_131935259299645915643372.jpg

I made a red velvet and chocolate chip cookie cake. It was met with great glee from the now 15 year old. 🙂

And I made about 100 vinyl things for my mom’s conference. Iron-on, mugs, diaries, sticker pages… I was sick of crafting by the time these things were done. 

So that’s that. I’m planning on starting back up painting ASAP.

I guess I should go clean off my desk. I haven’t even sat there for over a month. More soon!




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