Works, but not a lot of progress

Alrighty, I got some work done last night!  I’m working on the fire mephit, Crackle, and a dragonborn for the Hoard of the Dragon queen quest line.



This is Crackle, he is a flame mephit. I imagined the flames originating from his chest, and that will be white hot when I get to doing higher highlights. This is my basecoating, I plan on taking everything up from here!





This is the guy from Hoard of the Dragon queen. Since, he’s a named npc, I thought I’d give him a little more time than a normal “tabletop”  mini. I think he’ll be pretty cool!
Last of all,  I’m going to show y’all what has been staring at me, judging me for not finishing it. It doesn’t understand that taking a bones mini and painting it white is not as easy as it sounds! It doesn’t understand that I want to give it the best paint job I can give it! It doesn’t understand that I’m not in the mood to paint a big,  giant dragon right now! All it knows is guilt.


What do y’all think?


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